About Us

Welcome to the second edition of Concordia University’s online magazine about journalism, written, edited, researched and copy edited, as well as designed and posted to the web, by the 2017-18 undergraduate Journalism class.

Our interests in journalism are wide-ranging, from covering the White House to Quebec’s pre-eminent university radio station. This work reflects the many stories we believe need to be told about a profession with a huge part to play in keeping our society informed.

Who we are

Class of 2017-2018

Simon Tousignant is a third-year journalism student at Concordia University. The 29-year-old also enjoys making rap music and writes for Vice Quebec.

Matthew Lapierre is set to graduate this year from Concordia University’s Journalism department. He enjoys long walks on the beach and pina coladas, and is an aspiring crime reporter.

Frank Pavan is a third-year journalism student at Concordia, set to graduate next April. The 21-year-old is an avid sports connoisseur, and has a podcast called The Box Score which reaches 50,000 listeners a week.

William Loweryson receives his journalism degree this year. While at Concordia, Loweryson studied abroad for a year in Australia. Next, he plans to study law at McGill University, hoping one day to work in international law for the Canadian government.

Class of 2016-2017

Safia Ahmad (Copy Editor), also known as Sophia, Sofia, or Sadia by various strangers and professors, is a graduate diploma journalism student at Concordia University. More commonly known by her twitter handle @Safs_OnTheGo, she is an aspiring sports journalist.

Nahka Bertrand (Copy Editor) is originally from Fort Liard, a small town in the Northwest Territories. She is a mother, and a storyteller with a background in translation, theatre, and writing. She is currently completing a graduate diploma in Journalism at Concordia University.

Mike Boriero (Copy Editor) is a journalism diploma student at Concordia University. Mike wants to write about sports in the future. He hopes that this will catch the attention of sportswriters around the world. Go Habs. Go Patriots.

Patrick Cahill (Web Designer) is a longtime photographer and a budding journalist with a passion for field work.

Coco Caron-Delas (Managing Editor) is an inveterate people-watcher who uses journalism as a tool for her observations. She currently writes from Montreal.

Joshua De Costa (Senior Editor) studies journalism at Concordia University in Montreal. He tweets @joshuadecosta21

Matt Gilmour (Senior Editor) is a Montreal based freelance writer and radio producer. He studies journalism at Concordia University. You can hear him on weekend mornings on CJAD 800. Tweets from @MGilmourMTL

Emilee Gilpin (Multimedia Editor) studies journalism at Concordia, writes for the student newspaper and teaches English as a second language. You can find her on Twitter at @emileeguevara

Jeremy Glass-Pilon (Managing Editor) has five years’ professional experience in biomedical research, a BSc. in molecular biology and a graduate diploma in journalism. He aims to make science and technology more accessible to everyone. 

Solène Jonveaux (Research Editor) is a French graduate student in journalism based in Montréal. She holds a BSc in biology and a diploma in environmental science. She turned to journalism to share and explain her passion and to learn more about various scientific topics.

Cecilia Keating (Senior Editor) is a freelance writer based in Montreal. She tweets @ckeating14

Aislinn May (Research Editor) is a Concordia Diploma student with a background in English literature and History major from Bishop’s University. She aspires to work in television and radio news production. Aislinn’s love of history documentaries inspired her to test her hand in the journalism field.

Lucas Napier-Macdonald (Research Editor) is a journalism diploma grad student at Concordia University. He enjoys short strolls on the beach, because extended sand walking gives him shin splints. He’s currently copy editor of The Link student newspaper.

Matthew Parizot (Web Designer) studies journalism at Concordia and is interested in writing about politics and corruption in the future.

Noé Sainderichin (Multimedia Support) a dedicated French-born cynic, does not want to pretend he has done anything of note in his life, or has any ambitions whatsoever.

Gethraa Shan (Multimedia Support) holds a BA in psychology and hopes with a graduate diploma in journalism to build her future in radio broadcasting. She is particularly interested in examining the state of the music industry.

Kammy Vicaire (Multimedia Support), from the Listuguj Mi’gmaq First Nation, graduated from Dalhousie University with a degree in International Development Studies and Sociology/Social Anthropology. With her graduate journalism degree, she hopes to travel and tell stories about people, cultures and communities.

Donna Nebenzahl (Editor-in-Chief) writes feature stories for newspapers and magazines in Canada and the U.S. She is a veteran newspaper editor, author of Womankind, a book on activist women around the world, and is currently producing a series of writing workshops. She has taught in the Journalism Department for more than a decade, and is full of praise for the students of the Graduate Diploma Program, who participated in the first edition of JourNews.

Clara Legault (Graphic Design) is a Montreal based designer and multimedia consultant. Instagram @clari.jones