Press freedom takes a hit in Quebec

Link between police and courts called into question

by Emilee Gilpin & Matt Gilmour
@emileeguevara ; @MGilmourMTL

Canada prides itself on being a country where individual rights and the freedoms of thought and expression serve as pillars of a liberal democracy. Yet, recent revelations that police have tapped the phones of journalists indicate that those freedoms are under attack in Quebec.

An investigation into the relationship between police and the courts reveals that changes to the legal system may be necessary in order to protect journalists’ rights.

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How Montreal newspapers cover sexual assault

There’s a price to be paid for going public

by Cecilia Keating & Aislinn May

In an open letter published in Le Devoir in late October, alleged sexual assault victim Alice Paquet wrote how she had “lost control of her story and its interpretation” since going public with her claims a few days before. “First I was presented as a confused girl, then as a former prostitute,” she wrote. “Everything was done to erode the strength and credibility of my word.”

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